What is the best baby carrier for your child? Everything you want to know

Wat is de beste draagzak voor jouw kindje? Alles wat je wilt weten - Tiny Library

The best baby carriers at a glance

A baby carrier is a great way to go on an adventure with your baby. You carry your baby on your stomach or back and are so nice and close to each other. Nowadays there are all kinds of versions available from countless brands. We are happy to help you make a good choice when it comes to you and your baby. In this blog you can read everything about why you should use a baby carrier, how to use it and what options are available.

What is the difference between a baby carrier and a sling?

The names are of course similar, baby carrier and sling, and the function is the same. The biggest difference is that a baby sling must be tied, while a baby carrier can often be clicked. A baby carrier is a bag that is specially made to carry your baby on your back, stomach or even hip in a safe and comfortable way. In addition, a baby carrier offers more convenience when it comes to taking your baby in and out and is easily adjustable, even when your baby is already in it. What makes a sling very handy is that it is easy to store and take with you because it can be folded up small. With both options you at least have your hands free and your baby is nice and close to you.

How do I use a baby carrier?

As you just read, a baby carrier or sling can be worn in three different places on your body. But the best place varies with the age of your child. For example, you should always carry a newborn or young baby on your stomach with its face towards you. This way your baby sits safely and you always have a good view of him/her. When your child can sit upright independently, you can switch to carrying on your back. This is lighter for you to carry, but you have less view of your baby. Some baby carriers (and all baby carriers) can be worn on both the stomach and back, so you can alternate. Is your child a bit older but does he/she still like to be carried? Then you can always switch to a child carrier. You wear this so that your child is leaning on your hip.

Does the baby carrier fit well?

You can check whether the baby carrier fits properly on your stomach by checking the following things: whether you can give your baby a kiss on his/her head and whether he/she can breathe freely. This is especially important for babies up to 4 months because they cannot yet hold their heads up properly.

Safety first

When you carry your baby, be careful when bending or leaning forward. It is also not recommended to carry your baby while cooking, in the car, on the bike or while exercising. A baby carrier gives your baby a safe feeling of security by being so close to you, but offers no protection if you fall.

Ready for a choice?

Finding the right size is not that difficult, because almost all baby carriers are one size that you can adjust to fit your body and your baby perfectly. Where and how much you can adjust the baby carrier depends on the brand and model. In addition, it is good to know where you want to use the baby carrier most when choosing one. Are you planning to walk through the city together, or would you rather take a long walk through the mountains? There is an option for all wishes and requirements. Below you will find all our recommendations.

Baby carrier (0-12 months)

Artipoppe Baby Carrier

The baby carrier is made of 100% vegan cotton and is the first ergonomic baby carrier where comfort is combined with aesthetics. In addition, the Artipoppe is easy to use and very comfortable due to the extra soft shoulder straps.

Stokke Baby Carrier Limas

This is a combination of a sling and a baby carrier for the comfort of a sling and the convenience of a baby carrier. It is possible to adjust the baby carrier, so that it can grow with your little one. The wide shoulder straps also ensure that the weight of your child is better distributed.

Ergobaby Baby Carrier Adapt

Carrying comfort is the main goal with this baby carrier. It can be adjusted to three carrying positions and has a headrest that you can adjust as your child grows.

Nimbel Baby Carrier

The Nimbel is specially made not to strain your shoulders and back. Thanks to the patented Exoframe Technology™️, the weight of your baby or child is shifted to the strongest part of your body; your hips. In the sturdy seat, your child sits comfortably in the M position and you are both optimally comfortable.

Baby carrier for an older child (12-36 months)

MiniMeis shoulder carrier

This shoulder carrier ensures that you can travel with your child in a safe and easy way. The weight is evenly distributed across the carrier, which is nice for longer walks while your child sits safely on your shoulders, secured by a hip belt and leg straps.

Thule Child Carrier Sapling

Ideal for active parents because of the support for your child's buttocks and legs. This way, the weight is better distributed and you can take longer and more comfortable walks. With sufficient ventilation, your child will also be cool on hot summer days.

Wildride Child Carrier

This child carrier is specially designed for toddlers and toddlers. A solution when your toddler suddenly no longer feels like walking. It is easy to fold into a light, small package to take with you on holiday or on the road.

Curious what other parents say about renting a baby carrier from Tiny Library?

"Very nice way to obtain baby items in a sustainable way that you will only use for a few months. I rented the Artipoppe baby carrier myself because my son was too big for the sling, but I would still like to keep it closed for a few months wanted to carry with me. And I really wanted this baby carrier, just not for that enormous amount of money, so this was perfect! And everyone is very friendly and personal, which makes for nice communication. And somehow I wasn't afraid that the baby carrier became dirty, because they clearly indicate that this can happen to babies and what you can do then (or if it breaks). Super nice!!" -Cindy

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