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A crib is an important part of the layout list . Wherever the crib is placed, your baby will spend many hours in it every day. It's nice to make the right choice. How are you going to choose from the enormous range? There are so many different types, sizes, colors and materials. What is the smart thing to do and what should you pay attention to if you want a sustainable crib for the baby room?

The materials of a crib

Different materials are used for cribs and other baby room furniture. Which materials are good and safe? A sustainable and safe choice is wood. Why? Wood is a natural material and non-toxic. With a durable crib made of wood, the finish is important. It is best if the cradle is finished with a natural oil. In addition, it is important that the wood is FSC certified, so that the forest where the wood comes from is well taken care of.

Another option is a wicker cradle. Rattan cribs fit beautifully in a vintage and sleek baby room. The finish is also important here, make sure the reed is nice and smooth. A Moses cradle is made of woven materials, usually natural materials (always check). The handy thing about a Moses cradle is that you can easily move it.

Whatever you choose, wood or wicker, natural materials radiate tranquility. Great for you and your baby.

Benefits of a durable crib

Why do you choose a sustainable crib? It's a nice feeling knowing that your baby is sleeping in a crib made from natural materials without toxins. But it's not just about sustainable materials. The working conditions and the place where it is made are also important. You feel better about a crib that is made by people who have good working conditions. By choosing a sustainable crib, not only you and your baby will notice the benefits, you also make a difference in the rest of the world.

Tips for renting a crib

Sustainable furniture for the baby and children's room has a higher price tag than other furniture. Do you think a durable crib is too expensive to buy for the 6 months you will use it? Then you can also choose to rent. Not only is it cheaper, it is also sustainable. You will find beautiful cribs at Tiny Library in different models, colors and materials. You can choose exactly what suits your baby room.

And finally, the most sustainable option is borrowing, ask:

  • family or there is still a family crib
  • lend a crib to friends
  • ask the neighbors if they still have a crib
  • via Facebook or Instagram

Now that you know more about the sustainable options for renting a crib, you can start looking for the best crib for your baby. Would you like more fun sustainable ideas for the baby and children's room? Then take a look at Tiny Library's blogs

By Annemarie Federer

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