The checklist that really comes in handy: our 10 tips for a sustainable layette

De checklist die echt handig is: onze 10 tips voor een duurzame babyuitzet

Well, with the arrival of a baby comes the arrival of a lot of products in the house. One more indispensable than the other. When making choices, pay particular attention to convenience, taste and sustainability. Borrow what you can, rent what you need and buy what you want. To make it all a bit more convenient for you, we share an easy checklist of 10 products that you really should get at home.

The checklist that really comes in handy: our 10 tips for a sustainable layette

  1. Car seat : indispensable because it is the only safe way to transport your baby in the car.
  2. Baby carrier or sling : not only great for on the go, but also useful for babies who have trouble sleeping. Use it indoors while you're at it and your fussy sleeper is instantly taken off by your body heat, smell and movements.
  3. Bouncer or baby cocoon for the high chair: cozy and handy at the same time. Cozy because your child can sit with everything and safe because they are attached with a harness.
  4. Rompers in many sizes made of organic cotton : rompers are indispensable, there will be days when you have to put on a clean one every hour and there will be days when suddenly nothing fits anymore. Be well prepared and make sure you have enough, clean turn-up rompers in several sizes.
  5. Woolen clothes : go for wool, this is warm, breathable, timeless and easy to keep clean.
  6. Hats : it protects the head and you keep your baby warm. Go for 2 (wool) hats that are soft and easily go over the head.
  7. Socks or slippers : babies need to stay warm, so make sure you have socks with bows or slippers with Velcro, for example. Wool is also a perfect material for this.
  8. Stroller : Just as indispensable as a car seat is a good stroller. Pay particular attention to this because it is useful for you. If you live in an apartment without a lift, go for one that is as light as possible and easy to fold. If you have a house with a spacious hall, choose a manoeuvrable one.
  9. Carrycot for the pram : especially in the first period when your child sleeps a lot, it is useful to have several safe places to sleep. With a carrycot that fits on the pram, you can do your shopping while the baby sleeps comfortably.
  10. Changing table : a changing table or changing table is practical. A fixed place where you change the diaper in the house where you also keep the diapers, wipes and clean clothes. Also useful is a changing mat within reach by your bed and couch. And thank us later.

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“We rent part of our baby layette because it is sustainable, it saves us a large expense in one go and afterwards there is no hassle with resale. Another reason is that we simply ran out of baby stuff! With the insurance included, we can rent carefree and enjoy the beautiful things even more!” - E. Bracke

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Of course there are more than 10 things that are indispensable for your baby's layette. Do you value sustainable choices, but do you also want beautiful, quality products? Then we can certainly help you further. It is useful to schedule a 1-on-1 session with our founder Julie, she helps you make choices that suit you.

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