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10 Instagram accounts voor de kinderkamer - Tiny Library

Instagram is a perfect platform to gain inspiration. There are so many nice accounts that show beautiful images of children's rooms. There are also many web shops with a very nice virtual shop window and how easy it is that you can go straight to the web shop from a post. To prevent you from being seduced by all the beauty, we have listed a few sustainable tips.

Focus on reuse

A sustainable children's room consists of a mix of reuse and new. If you find reuse important, you can follow the following order:

  1. What do you have at home that can be reused?
  2. Borrow from family and/or friends
  3. What can you rent ?

Make a plan

Have you done the above steps and do you want to rent something, check for yourself:

  1. What do I really need?
  2. How long does it last?
  3. Can it be used in multiple ways?
  4. What material is it made of?
  5. Where was it made?

Do you have answers to these questions? Then you have a framework and you can look around Instagram for inspiration. With a plan you are less likely to be distracted by pictures and you can search with focus. To give you some direction, I have selected 10 Instagram accounts for you.

10 Instagram accounts for a sustainable children's room

We have selected the 10 nicest Dutch accounts for a sustainable children's room. These accounts are full of fun inspiration and also have a webshop . Ranging from wallpaper, furniture, bedding, posters to accessories.


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By Annemarie Federer

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