Tummy Tub® and Tiny Library come full circle

Tummy Tub® en Tiny Library maken de cirkel rond

You are probably already familiar with one of our favorite classic baby products: the Tummy Tub®. Since the 90s, the Tummy Tub® has been recommended as the bath to wash your baby in. Emése Hogestijn (24) has now taken over the company from her father with the aim of connecting the brand with the woman and mother of today and looking critically at how she can make business processes more sustainable. A great moment for us to enter into a partnership with Tummy Tub® as a circular partner.

Natural feeling of the womb

Tummy Tub® has been developed to imitate the security that your baby is used to from the womb. In this way, your child feels safe and secure while bathing in a wonderfully warm environment. Midwives from all over the world therefore recommend this baby bath and hospitals also prefer this bath to wash the baby for the first time.

Tummy Tub® x Tiny Library

Because Tummy Tub® puts the quality and sustainability of their products first, the baths are ideal for our circular mission. The Tummy Tub® is made in the Netherlands and meets the strictest safety requirements (TÜV certification). In addition, the baths are safe for your baby and the environment because they are made of 100% recyclable material, are free from BPA and require less water than a traditional baby bath. We are therefore proud of our collaboration with Tummy Tub®

“I am very happy with our partnership with Tummy Tub®. I have a strong feeling that we share the same mission - to make the baby market more sustainable - with our brands. We share the enthusiasm to think about how best to recycle products and materials to bring sustainable baby products to the market." - Julie Munneke-Tromp

A baby must-have for 25 years

Tummy Tub® has been helping babies feel protected in a new world since 1995. In the early 1990s, Frank Hogestijn, in collaboration with midwives in the Netherlands, discovered that babies benefit - both emotionally and physically - from a bath that mimics the natural feeling of the womb. Now that the Tummy Tub® has been a classic in layettes for over twenty-five years, Emése Hogestijn (24) has taken over her father's company to give it new life. As a child, Emése often spent time in the bath and therefore has a special bond with the product and brand.

“I always try to think in solutions and just like any entrepreneur, I sometimes just do something. But the core of Tummy Tub® is always central: the natural bond between mother and her child.” - Emese Hogestijn

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