Product specification Bednest

  • The Bednest is very suitable for placement next to a box spring bed
  • A breathable baby mattress is included
  • Adjustable in height and angled
  • Suitable for mattress heights between 42 and 78 cm
  • Material: European beech wood (FSC quality mark)
  • Dimensions: Length 86 cm, width 44 cm, height 34.5 cm
  • Mattress dimensions: Length 82 cm, width 37 cm, thickness 4 cm
  • Height undercarriage maximum 59 cm and minimum 26 cm
  • Height undercarriage with crib on it maximum 66 cm (top of mattress) to at least 33 cm
  • The crib/co-sleeper Bednest comes with safety straps, so that the cot is easy to attach and detach from the parental bed.

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