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With a focus on innovation and ease of use, Bugaboo designs extraordinary products and solutions for parents.

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Rent a Bugaboo stroller

Did you know that you can also rent the Bugaboo Donkey 3 or the Fox 2 ? Although renting may still be new to you, it is a great way to easily bring your layette into your home. We ensure that the stroller is delivered to you at a time of your choosing. By renting you save time, money and it is a lot more sustainable. As soon as you no longer use the product, we will collect it and make new parents happy with it. Saves you storage space.

The benefits of renting

Donkey 5 en Fox 3

The Donkey 5 is the improved version of the Donkey 3, with new buttons, a higher seat position and an updated belt system and carrycot. The Fox 3 also has a few differences with the Fox 2. The stroller has new mesh windows that allow better airflow and the five-point belt is made of an even softer material with a better closure.

Tiny Library beeldmerk 2

In what condition will I receive my products?

We work with a professional dry cleaner, where we perform the following actions to ensure the safety of the products. We check the functionality of the products, so that the product always works as it should. We may replace parts if they no longer function properly. We check that there are no large stains or scratches on the products. We thoroughly clean the products with natural means. The products go to the next baby as good as new.

How it works

You can easily rent your layette from Tiny Library, with the guarantee that all products are clean, intact and safe. Are you no longer using the baby equipment? Return them to us. This way we can make other young parents happy with it.Rent, rise, return.

This is how it works: choose the products you want to rent, receive the products at the desired time, send the products back if you no longer use them and we clean the products so that we can make new parents happy again.


Tiny Library was set up by me, Julie Munneke. When I was pregnant with my first child, I was shocked by the huge eviction lists that I was sent and found on the internet. I hardly used many of my (newly) purchased items and the use of other products only lasted a very short time, after which they were stored in the attic. Not sustainable at all, not practical at all. This is how the idea for Tiny Library was born. A place where you, as a parent, get advice about the products and don't have to worry about the quality and condition. In addition, you also get it delivered to your home.

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