Which duo stroller is right for you? Everything at a glance

Welke duo kinderwagen past bij jou

If you are going to expand your family, renting a duo stroller is ideal. This allows you to comfortably transport your baby and toddler. But what is the best duo stroller? We are happy to list it for you.

Duo pram Donkey 5

Duo stroller Bugaboo Donkey 5

It may look big, but with its width of only 74 cm you can easily fit through one door with the whole family ;) In this duo stroller, your baby and toddler sit side by side. Would your eldest prefer to walk on his own? With just 3 simple clicks you can switch the car from duo to mono. And thanks to the small swivel wheels and small turning circle, you can easily steer the Bugaboo Donkey 5 DUO pushchair with one hand. ⁠

  • Only stroller where your children can sit next to each other
  • This duo stroller is narrow (74 cm)
  • From mono to duo car in 3 clicks ️

"What a solution! With a newborn and a toddler who almost didn't want to go in the pram anymore, we rented a duo pram from Tiny Library for 6 months. It's great that this exists. Had a lot of fun and with a good feeling again pick it up at home." - Ryan K.

This fine duo stroller is comfortable, sturdy and also easy to use. The stroller offers a lot of expansion options, is easy to fold into a compact package and also has reflective strips on the wheels, making the stroller safe to use in the dark. The large front wheels provide maximum grip, while the stroller remains easy to maneuver.
  • Narrow because your children sit on top of each other
  • Large, lockable swivel castors
  • Extra large shopping basket (max. 15 kg)

Duo stroller Easywalker Harvey 3

Duo stroller Easywalker Harvey 3

Compared to other full-size pushchairs, the Harvey 3 is
the lightest and most compact you'll find. In addition, it is possible to convert this stroller from mono to a duo stroller. The pram is very manoeuvrable due to the large wheels and good suspension.

  • Lightweight (15kg)
  • This duo stroller is small foldable with one hand
  • Lockable castors at the front

"Great invention. After our 3rd miracle, which was not actually planned, we were in for a surprise. Fortunately, there is Tiny Library, our little man cannot walk that far yet, and our baby also had to be transported. rent a pram. How nice is that!! Very quickly arranged. In short, super happy with you." - Laura deG.

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