Our story in the documentary 'A Tool for Change'

A Tool for Change

We make an impact together. That is why we are proud to share that we are one of the pioneers of the documentary 'A Tool for Change', which premiered August 24 at the Jakarta Hotel in Amsterdam. The documentary is an initiative of the Sustainable Fashion Giftcard, produced by MUMSTER.

In the documentary, nine founders of emerging fashion and lifestyle brands tell their story, including our founder Julie Munneke-Tromp. For the recording of the documentary, the driver of sustainable fashion and lifestyle, Sara Dubbeldam, visited our warehouse. Here our founder Julie gave a look behind the scenes and showed how the products are cleaned after returning. Sara, also a Tiny Library customer herself, says:

"I have to say honestly, I thought the products I was sent were new. It really looked perfect."

In addition to the story of Tiny Library, the documentary 'A Tool for Change' introduces you to the inspiring stories of eight other pioneers. These are: Iconic Wardrobe, Monsak, Sophie Stone, Ana Dyla, Mausons, Sewing, Stephastique and Teym.

Watch the full documentary below and get inspired! (Our story begins at 10:15).

Many thanks to Nanette Hogervorst from the Sustainable Fashion Giftcard and Chanel Trapman from MUMSTER and everyone else who contributed to the making of this documentary.

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