Move over Black Friday, Green Friday it is!

Green Friday

At Tiny Library we do not believe in buying things en masse that we actually hardly need. Instead, we want to give you and your baby a sustainable start. That's why we choose Green Friday instead of Black Friday.

Give your baby a sustainable start

While the world is flooded with promotions and discounts on things that are often only used temporarily, we want to help you discover what you really need and how long you will use it. That's why we offer Tiny's Timeline Kit. Here we have bundled all the information that can help you make more sustainable choices for your baby. In the kit you will find the Tiny Timeline, in which you can see how long your baby products are actually used in your child's first years. We have also added the Sustainable Baby Layout Checklist, in which you can see which essentials you really need and what the more sustainable alternatives are. Register here for free and receive Tiny's Timeline Kit directly in your mailbox.

Big ambitions, tiny footprint

By making conscious choices about what your child really needs, you plant a seed for a greener future. That is why we plant a tree via Trees for all for every registration for Tiny's Timeline Kit. In this way, we contribute together to a better future for our children and keep our emissions as low as possible.

Why is renting sustainable?

By renting your baby set instead of buying it, you contribute to a circular baby market and a healthy world for your baby. This way you reduce your ecological footprint by saving CO2, raw materials and water. For example, by renting a stroller you save 321 kg of CO2 and it can be used by several families. We also reuse packaging material to save raw materials and clean and repair our products to extend their lifespan.


The Tiny Timeline Kit

Our Tiny Timeline shows you exactly which baby and children's items are worth getting, and how long you actually use them. We see from many parents that the products that are super important but often used for a short period of time are a co-sleeper , a breast pump , a newborn set and a stroller . Our favorites in these categories are the Bednest co-sleeper , Symphony pump , the Stokke Newborn set and the Joolz Geo3 stroller .

“Great initiative, good service, pleasant and accessible contact with customer service. Extremely satisfied!” - Kie Ni

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