First aid for nesting urges

Eerste hulp bij nesteldrang

First aid for nesting urges

Has the urge to nest already kicked in? Instead of buying new products, you can also make them yourself. Fun to do and better for the earth. To give those cute baby clothes a place in the baby room, here is a DIY for a beautiful clothes rack. Difficulty level: child can do laundry.


  • Two sturdy pieces of rope
  • Wooden stick
  • Large wooden beads (natural or in a cheerful color)
  • Glue if necessary
  • Ceiling hooks


  1. You have different options for hanging the clothes rack. For example, directly on the ceiling with ceiling hooks or under a wall shelf by drilling 2 holes in the shelf through which you thread the rope. Determine how much string and beads you need based on how high you want to hang the rack.

  2. Tie two pieces of string to the ends of the wooden stick. You can put some glue between the rope and the wood to ensure that the rope does not slide.

  3. Thread the beads onto both pieces of string until you reach the correct size. If the rope frays too much while stringing, you can put a piece of tape on the end.

  4. Then tie a loop in the ends of the rope so that you can easily hang the clothes rack on two hooks.

TIP! As a variation, you can also use a branch instead of a wooden stick. You can also make the clothes rack without beads and choose thicker rope, for example. Then drill two holes on the outside of the wooden stick through which you can thread the thick rope. Make a good knot in the rope under the stick so that the stick hangs securely.

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