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Are you looking for a stroller for your baby or toddler? At Tiny Library we offer a wide range of premium strollers, such as Bugaboo, Joolz, and Babyzen. Whether you're looking for a mono stroller for one child, a duo stroller for two children, or a twin stroller for twins, we have the perfect option for your needs. Discover the differences and choose the best stroller that suits your lifestyle and the age of your little one(s).

how long do you use a stroller?

👶🏽 From 0 to 48 months

From 0 months you use the stroller with cradle and as soon as your baby can roll you can exchange the cradle for a seat or switch to a more compact buggy. Strollers are sturdy and robust and are made to provide your baby with a comfortable and protected environment while you travel together.

⌛ Usage period 6 to 12 months


Do you have two children? Then a duo pram or buggy is perfect for your family. With two children of different ages, you benefit most from a duo car. This is equipped with a cradle and seat. If your children are (approximately) the same age, a twin crib or seat is ideal.

Our most popular duo stroller
  • Space for two children
  • Very manoeuvrable due to small turning circle
  • Reversible seats and adjustable backrest
grows with your child
  • Crib that can be exchanged for a seat
  • Extra large shopping basket
  • Easy to fold into a compact package

the ultimate city stroller
bugaboo dragonfly
  • Comfortable and compact
  • Spacious fold-out luggage basket for up to 10kg
  • Includes cradle that can be folded with one hand



You can order from us as soon as you know which items you need. In the check-out you can indicate when you want to receive the products. Then your subscription will only start. It is very nice for us to know well in advance that you want to rent a product, so that we can ensure that there is sufficient stock and that you receive it on time.

The subscription starts on the day your order is shipped. Because we are very careful with our products, we ask you to confirm your identity via iDIN. As soon as you have confirmed your identity, we can send the product.

At Tiny Library you take out a subscription for a minimum period. For the VIP Bundle this is at least 6 months. After this period you can cancel the rental contract per month. You always have the right to return products in their original condition within 14 days of ordering. We do not apply a maximum rental period. Are you no longer using the product? Then report your product return via our return page .

No problem! Then you can choose a replacement product from our range. You simply return the product, we will contact you and ensure that you receive the new product.

Is your question not listed? Send us a message at .


Joolz duo car rented because we had a second child and the toddler is just too small to walk everything. Because we only need this car for 6 months, it is very nice that we could rent it.

Stephanie K.

Glad this is a possibility. At the 1st ever pay a fortune for a pram, money not taken out because we have used it less. Now a small monthly amount and if you no longer need it, you can return it. Very practical!


Great invention. After our 3rd miracle, actually not planned, we were in for a surprise. Fortunately there is Tiny Library, our little man can't walk that far yet, and our baby also had to be transported. Fortunately, we can rent a double pram here. How FINE is that!! Arranged very quickly. In short, super happy with you.

Laura G.

Great company with a clear, sustainable vision. After the rental contract was completed, I was sent a beautiful duo car and enjoyed it for half a year. Definitely worth the money!


A really great concept! I rented a shelf for the pram. But I am so satisfied that I will definitely rent more things in the future!

Julia S.

I rented a beautiful buggy from Tiny Library. The process was clear and smooth. The return process is also very easy. I would definitely recommend Tiny Library to friends because it is a great solution for frequently needing baby/child products on a temporary basis. Super happy with it!

Andrea M.

What a result! With a newborn and a toddler who almost didn't want to use the pram anymore, we rented a duo pram for 6 months. How nice that this exists. Had a lot of fun and had it picked up at home with a good feeling.

Ryan K.

Extremely happy with this company. Bugaboo stroller rented and it was completely new! Have fun and good service!

Charis D .

Very happy with and satisfied with the product received (duo pram). In addition, fast and good service!

Jenny R .

Reliable service with clean and safe products

Top brands for a low monthly amount

A better world for your baby