Tiny Library makes the baby market more sustainable with Bugaboo

PRESS RELEASE - On Earth Day 2021, the rental platform for baby products, Baby Exchangerie, launched its new brand name: Tiny Library - a parenthood circle for a sustainable start. This also starts a great collaboration with stroller brand Bugaboo , which has joined the sustainable baby platform as a circular partner. Tiny Library hopes to reach even more young parents with whom they can work together on a better world for their baby.

And there is more news:

  • Retail chain BabyPlanet and baby bath brand TummyTub also join as a circular partner.
  • In addition, Tiny Library introduces personal consultations where young parents can ask all their questions about products in order to make a good choice for their layette.
  • Tiny Library donates all sales on Mother's Day to The Baby Project.

Working together on a circular world with Bugaboo

To make the baby market more sustainable, collaborations with parties with the same mission are crucial. That is why Tiny Library is proud that Bugaboo has joined the platform as a circular partner. Sustainability is much more alive in this industry than ten years ago. While Tiny Library makes the world more sustainable from a personal vision, Bugaboo is pleased that Tiny Library provides a platform to accelerate the company's sustainable initiatives. “The development of sustainable products “products to last” has been in our DNA from the start, which makes our products ideal for a circular model such as renting out products. Bugaboo supports this circular idea and is excited to grow this market together with Tiny Library.”, says Rolf Smeding, Business Development Director at Bugaboo. From May 1, the platform will offer various products from the stroller brand, including the Bugaboo Fox2 and the double stroller Bugaboo Donkey 3.

Tiny library circular with bugaboo

Towards a sustainable future

In addition to entering into collaborations with circular partners, Tiny Library wants to make the impact of a circular baby market more visible. Did you know that renting a co-sleeper leads to a whopping 50 percent reduction in CO2 emissions compared to purchasing a new crib? Although the precise impact is often difficult to measure, this comparison does contribute to awareness of the importance of making the baby market more sustainable. Tiny Library takes on the challenge of measuring and making the impact of its circular business model more visible.

Tiny library circular baby products

Personal advice from mother to mother

Although the platform has been updated, not much has changed in the base. Tiny Library's goal is still to help every young parent take care of their baby in an easy and circular way. That is why you can now book a personal consultation with Julie Munneke-Tromp, founder of Tiny Library and mother of three young children. She has now also gained a lot of experience in the professional field when it comes to baby products.

“Pregnant with my first son, I could no longer see the wood for the trees in the huge range of baby products. I converted the support that I would have liked to have myself to Tiny Library. I want to help all young parents provide the best products, so they can fully focus on their baby.” – Julie, founder of Tiny Library .

Tiny Library x The Baby Project

For Tiny Library, a sustainable future does not only mean reducing CO2 emissions and using circular materials. A sustainable future also consists of a world in which everyone has equal opportunities. With this in mind, Tiny Library will donate the entire daily turnover to The Baby Project on Mother's Day (May 9, 2021). This initiative by The Hunger Project supports parents and their babies before, during and after childbirth. They do this, for example, by checking the weight of young children in Burkina Faso and intervening where necessary.

tiny library circular baby products

About Tiny Library. Rent, rise, return.

Tiny Library is a circular platform for baby products from various brands including Stokke, Medela, BabyBjörn, Easywalker and from May 2021 also Bugaboo, TummyTub and BabypPlanet. The company sets up partnerships with brands that have the same sustainable mission, to make the baby market circular with them. Tiny Library does this by transforming purchasing processes into subscriptions where products can be reused, repaired, recycled and redistributed. In this way, the brand takes away the concerns of young parents and contributes to a better world for our babies.

Note for editors

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