The sustainable mission of our brands

In addition to saving CO2, raw materials and water, our goal is to make producers aware of the benefits of sustainable products. That is why we only offer products that we really believe in and we enter into partnerships with producers who share the same mission as us. Think smart designs, sustainable materials and high quality, so that products last as long as possible. Curious about the sustainable initiatives of our circular partners? We've highlighted a few of our brands below.

1. Bugaboo

Bee Bugaboo A lot is invested in the design and quality of the products, so that they can last as long as possible. Products are designed with as many replaceable parts as possible so that the products are easy to repair. Furthermore, Bugaboo strives to limit the impact on the environment and even add value. The value of the product at the beginning of the life cycle must be maintained throughout the entire life of the product. In addition, Bugaboo understands that sustainability is not only about the impact on the climate, but also on society. To make all this happen, Bugaboo is committed to the following topics:

  • Products - Bugaboo invests in high-quality materials, smart designs for easy maintenance of the pushchairs, parts that are subject to wear and tear can be easily replaced and recycled materials (e.g. recycled PET bottles).
  • Trial - Bugaboo researches the life cycle of products in order to constantly extend it. They also place high demands on the working conditions in their own factory and a transparent supply chain. In addition, the factory has been made greener by installing roof gardens for, among other things, a natural temperature reduction.
  • Goal - Bugaboo is a partner of Designathon Works events and donates pushchairs to hospitals, women's shelters, SOS children's villages, refugee camps and hospitals.

Bugaboo duurzaamheid

2. Easywalker

Easywalker's commitment lies not only with parents and children, but also in preserving the natural ecosystems we live in. Therefore put Easywalker is committed, like us, to the Sustainable Development Goals 12 (responsible consumption and production) and 13 (climate action). In this way they hope to set an example for the team and the consumer, but also for the wider baby market. Read the initiatives below:

  • production - Easywalker only uses high-quality materials and smart designs to extend the life of products. In addition, from 2020 all fabrics will be made from recycled PET bottles.
  • Packaging - In 2019, Easywalker changed the packaging to recycled cardboard with as few prints as possible.
  • Office and employees - Easywalker stimulates a corporate culture in which cycling or taking public transport to work, flexible home working days and vegetarian lunches are encouraged.
  • Goals for 2030 - Before 2030, Easywalker wants, among other things, to replace as many materials as possible with more sustainable alternatives, design modular products in which parts can be easily repaired or replaced, reduce CO2 emissions in the supply chain by investing in greener energy and delivery methods and researching possibilities for local materials and production.

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3. Tummy Tub

Tummy Tub distinguishes itself from other baby baths by their minimal ecological footprint. Due to the innovative design of Tummy Tub, it saves energy, water and plastic compared to other baby baths and the bath will last for generations. Tummy Tub has the following savings over other baby tubs:

  • Energy savings for 2657 households,
  • 220 trucks with plastic saves,
  • and saves 60 Olympic-sized swimming pools with water.

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Ask about the sustainability policies of your favorite brands

We often repeat it: only together can we ultimately make a difference and guarantee a better future for babies. So ask your favorite brand about their sustainability policy and be critical. In this way you inspire and encourage companies to examine and optimize their entire production process, from design to delivery. Do you have any tips for brands that are already well on their way? Let us know† We are always open to new collaborations on the way to a circular baby market.

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