Co-sleeper Bednest

In fact, you can no longer do without a co-sleeper during your maternity period and the first months afterwards. It is very nice to have your baby safe and close to you during that first period. The Bednest is a freestanding crib, co-sleeper, moses basket and carrycot in one. In addition, the co-sleeper is quickly put together and you can fold it completely for easy transport or storage. 

Although renting may still be new to you, it is a great way to easily bring your layette into your home. We ensure that the buggy is delivered to you at a time chosen by you. By renting you save time, money and it is a lot more sustainable. As soon as you no longer use the product, we will collect it and make new parents happy with it. Saves you storage space.

Rent a co-sleeper Bednest 

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