Which Bugaboo pushchair is best for your family?

Welke Bugaboo kinderwagen past het beste bij jullie gezin?

One of the bigger expenses when purchasing the layette is the stroller. Because you use it intensively, it is important to choose a stroller that suits your family and living environment. You can choose to buy or rent a stroller. An advantage of renting a stroller is that you do not make a large investment, but pay a fixed amount every month. In addition, you can easily switch from a carrycot to a seat and possibly to a duo car. And finally, you don't have to worry about storage, resale or repair, because everything is taken care of for you. We wrote this guide to help you make the right choice for a stroller from one of our favorite brands: Bugaboo.

Welke Bugaboo kinderwagen past het beste bij jullie?

Bugaboo Fox 2
We kick off with a real classic. The Bugaboo Fox 2 has been part of Bugaboo for twenty years and continues to be developed to this day. Due to the use of light materials, large wheels and the advanced suspension, it is suitable for every type of surface. This way your baby sleeps undisturbed during a walk. The Fox 2 is known for its smoothness and effortless steering, making it extremely suitable for long walks. This pushchair consists of a chassis, cot/seat area, carrycot, deck, mattress, additional upholstery, sun canopy, rain cover and a shopping basket. You can rent the Bugaboo Fox 2 from €37.50 per month.

Bugaboo Donkey 3 Mono
This car is perfect for today and for the future. Thanks to the smart design, you are prepared for any situation. If your family expands with a second child in the future, you can transform the Donkey 3 Mono into a duo stroller within a few clicks. But before that, you can enjoy the super handy large shopping basket, side luggage basket and adjustable push handle. Make no mistake, because despite the many advantages this stroller brings, it is surprisingly light, manoeuvrable and compact! You can rent the Bugaboo Donkey 3 Mono from €40 per month.

Bugaboo Donkey 3 Duo
Click, click and click again! That's exactly how long it takes to convert the Bugaboo Donkey 3 Mono into a Donkey 3 Duo stroller. The flexible stroller has everything you need when you are on the road with two young kids. Thanks to the innovative design, your children can easily connect with each other and discover the world together. The Donkey 3 Duo also fits easily through most doorways. Going out with your kids has never been so fun and easy! You rent this all-rounder for €47.50 per month.

Welke Bugaboo kinderwagen past het beste bij jullie gezin?

Bugaboo Lynx
Are you looking for a light and compact stroller? Then the Bugaboo Lynx is exactly what you are looking for! It is the most compact stroller in the Bugaboo collection and the smaller turning circle makes it easy to drive. It is suitable for any terrain and you can also use it from birth until the fourth birthday of your child. The stroller consists of a frame, seat, carrycot, sun canopy, rain cover and shopping basket. You can rent this fantastic lightweight for €27.50 per month.

Bugaboo Bee 6
Maneuver easily through the city, over cobblestones and cobblestones and then take a walk through the city park, with the Bugaboo Bee 6! This ultimate urban stroller is ideal to take with you on public transport or a taxi. The car is incredibly compact, without sacrificing comfort. You can use it from birth by placing the seat in a lying position or by using the supplied carrycot. You can rent this cool city car for €25 per month.

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