What are the two best baby carriers?

Wat zijn de 2 beste draagzakken

During pregnancy you always carry your baby with you (preferably 9 months). Of course you want to protect your little one after your pregnancy and still carry it close to you. This is possible with a baby carrier! Carry your child in a baby carrier from day one to build and strengthen the bond between each other. Your child recognizes your heartbeat, enjoys your warmth and recognizes your smell and voice. Carrying your child in a baby carrier has many more advantages.

The two best baby carriers

But what are the best (and also most beautiful) baby carriers? We at Baby Exchangerie have tested several for you and have come to a top 2

1. Artipoppe

At number 1 is the Artipoppe brand. Anyone who is somewhat familiar with baby carriers is undoubtedly already familiar with the Artipoppe brand. This brand is very well-known and popular (also among Dutch celebrities such as Doutzen Kroes, Arie Boomsma and Katja Schuurman). Artipoppe is a brand that stands for women and for nature. Artipoppe's vision is that women feel strong, safe and confident. They use materials that are sustainable and vegan. Artipoppe baby carriers can be used without a newborn insert from 0 to 2 years old. They also offer a special toddler carrier for slightly older children.

We offer two different types of Artipoppes. We have the Denim and Leopard. We find two real gems ourselves.

  • Denim . The Denim is the first ergonomic baby carrier that combines comfort and aesthetics. This baby carrier is made of the finest Japanese denim and is easy to maintain. With this carrier you can carry your baby in style and stand out from the crowd. You can carry this baby carrier on your back or on your stomach. This promotes healthy physical development for your child. The soft padded shoulder straps provide optimal neck and shoulder comfort. This carrier has a comfortable leg filling for your baby.
  • Leopard . The Leopard carrier is made of 100% cotton and is completely vegan. This baby carrier is really perfect for the fashion-conscious woman. With this cool print you steal the show everywhere. This baby carrier can also be worn on the back and on the stomach.

What are the 2 best baby carriers

2. Ergobaby

At number 2 is the Ergobaby brand. This is a very practical baby carrier that was the first to design an ergonomic seat that you can use from birth to toddler. You do not need to use a reducer because the ergonomic seat grows with your baby. Thanks to this design, your baby always sits with its legs in a natural M-position, regardless of its growth phase. In addition, the baby carrier has adjustable, padded shoulder straps and in combination with the lumbar belt with back support, they offer optimal support and comfort for the parent.

Benefits Ergobaby baby carrier

  • Neutral color for a timeless look (for men and women)
  • 3 ergonomic carrying positions.
  • User-friendly design, without a newborn reducer
  • Long-lasting comfort for parents due to an even weight distribution between shoulders and hips
  • Foldable pillow for head and neck support
  • Foldable baby hood for protection against sun and wind
  • It is possible to breastfeed in the baby carrier
  • 100% premium cotton
  • Machine washable

    Why rent a baby carrier instead of buying it?

    Some children prefer to sit in a baby carrier all day, while other babies are very restless and do not like the baby carrier. Most baby carriers are quite pricey, the Artipoppe starts at a price of €350. Wouldn't it be a shame to buy one if you're not sure if your child likes it? You can therefore rent the baby carriers from Artipoppe and ByKay from us for a fixed amount per month. The reasons?

    • Sustainability . By renting and sharing with each other, we ensure that less has to be produced.
    • Try it out . By renting, you can first see if your child likes to sit in a baby carrier, and if you like it yourself.

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