4x the best co-sleeper

4x de beste co-sleeper

Team Tiny has tested many different bedside beds. In this blog we tell you which 4 co-sleepers came out best in the test.

What is a co sleeper?

A co-sleeper is a cradle that you place next to the parental bed, so that it becomes an extension of the bed, as it were. In this way, your baby does not sleep in your bed, but he/she is very close. They call this “co-sleeping”. There are many benefits of a co-sleeper. These are discussed in this blog.

How long have you been using a co-sleeper?

You can only use a bedside crib for a maximum of 6 months. From the age of 6 months, the child can push itself up and climb out of the crib, which is why a crib is recommended from that age. Only the Chicco Next to me Forever can be used longer, because the mattress can be lowered on this bed side bed.

Because a co-sleeper is only used for such a short time, this is an excellent product that is suitable for rental. You only pay for the time you need it and then you return it. This way you save time, money and storage!

What are our 4 best co-sleepers?

1. Bednest co-sleeper

  • Beautiful wooden design
  • Sliding axle allows for many different height positions (between 42 and 78 cm)
  • Can be used as a bassinet, carrycot, moses basket and co-sleeper
  • Has a reflux mode
  • Well suited next to a co-sleeper
  • Relatively heavy
2. Chicco next to me Magic
  • Relatively wide mattress, so that it can be used for longer
  • Has 11 different height settings (between 43 and 58 cm)
  • Has a swing position
  • Can be tilted for reflux
  • Less beautiful design
3. White wooden co-sleeper
  • Scandinavian design
  • Narrow, ideal for a small room
  • Suitable for next to a box spring (adjustable in 3 different heights: 52, 58 and 64 cm high)
  • No reflux and swing position
4. Moses Basket Happy Baby Claro
  • Looks very cozy in your bedroom
  • Secure feeling for baby
  • Made of palm leaf
  • Not connected to your mattress
  • No different heights

What should you pay attention to when ordering a co-sleeper?

Before you order a side-by-side cot, it is important to measure the height of your mattress. This way you know whether the bed you have in mind also fits well with the parental bed. In itself, it is not terrible if it is not perfectly at the same height, since the introduction of the new standard in 2020, the bedside beds are no longer allowed to open completely. The gate always remains slightly raised, so that your baby can never fall / roll / slide out. Reassuring feeling huh?

How do you place a co-sleeper?

Because a co-sleeper is placed next to the bed, it is important to go through the following steps when you place the crib:

  1. Measure the height of your bed to the top of the mattress
  2. Order a suitable co-sleeper via Tiny Library
  3. Place the cot next to the bed and make sure that the mattress fits your mattress properly
  4. Optional: secure the co-sleeper to the bed with tension straps

About Tiny Library

Tiny Library is a circular platform where you can easily, safely and sustainably rent baby products. Do you have questions? Please contact us, we will be happy to help you.

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