Tips for small living with children

Tips voor klein wonen met kinderen

Some don't want to think about it: living in the city on only tens of square meters and often without a garden or balcony. Others become unhappy at the thought of having to leave the city. Living in the city with a family is certainly possible, but it can come with some challenges. In this guide you will find practical tips to be creative with little space.

Provide a practical layout
This may speak for itself, but unconsciously we make interior choices that often make a room look smaller. If you want a house that looks spacious, don't clutter up the space, go for light colors and opt for elements with round shapes. Furthermore, enough storage space is essential, for example you can have cabinets built up to the ceiling to make optimal use of the space. When arranging small spaces , think preferably in height and not in width.

Clean up
We may be kicking in an open door, but make sure you clean up regularly. Thoroughly go through all the stuff and be critical. Do you come across items that are no longer used and are as good as new or feel free to go for another round? Pass them on to someone else or sell them. An additional advantage of tidying up is that more space is created in your home and head.

Rent products
Especially in the first years after birth, there are a lot of baby products that you only use for a short period of time. Think of a co-sleeper, baby bath or breast pump. Renting baby products is sustainable, affordable and space-saving. When your child has outgrown the products, simply send them back!

You can easily rent baby products via Tiny Library. Do you have questions? Send us a message and we will be happy to help you.

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