Do you want to rent a baby layette? 4x our answer to your concerns

Babyuitzet huren Tiny Library
It takes some getting used to, renting your layette. We understand all too well that you have questions. We would like to take some of your worries away.

1. Used is cheaper
That really depends on how long you expect to use a product. We often think that we use products longer than we actually do. For example, consider a pram. Wouldn't it be nice to switch to an easily collapsible buggy after six months? In addition, with us you have the guarantee that the product is clean and as good as new, plus that we offer the convenience of home delivery and collection. And have you ever thought about the time you can save if you no longer have to scour your marketplace?

2. Returning the products is a hassle
Did you know that you can return products for free? Would you rather have it picked up? This is possible via the DHL pick-up service (9.75 euros) or with our Butler service (49.95 euros, disassembly and packing is not necessary). read here everything about returning a product. 

3. Buying is cheaper if you have/want a large family
Every child has different needs and therefore often needs different products. With us you also have the opportunity to try out something new, for example if you are not sure about a product. And have you ever thought about the space in the house that you can save now that no storage is required in the periods that you do not use the product?

4. I'm afraid something will get damaged or dirty
In practice we see this little, we notice that people are careful with the products. But of course we know better than anyone that babies leave traces of use, so a small stain or scratch is no problem. In addition, the quality of our products is high and they are therefore not easily damaged. Would you rather be on the safe side? Then you can insure your rented product for 2 euros per month.

Do you have any questions? Contact our customer service.