Baby 5 months: Thank you!

Baby 5 maanden: Dankjewel!

Month 5: Thank you!

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your pregnancy and first months as a mother. We hope we were able to help you and ease some of your concerns during this exciting time. But did you know that you have also helped mothers yourself?


At Tiny Library we believe in a world where all babies have equal opportunities. Not everyone is in a position to think about the circular use of baby products. Or even has the choice to think about mattresses, prams or the most beautiful baby carrier. Sometimes the priority is to provide your baby with food and a safe place to sleep.

We want to be there for all parents and babies worldwide. Consider, for example, sufficient and healthy food for mother and child, a safe birth and hygienic living conditions after birth. We do this by supporting various initiatives. 


Do you want to continue supporting our mission to give all babies equal opportunities and a better future? Follow us on Instagram and share our story with friends and family. Together towards a better world for all babies.


Just a little while and your baby will be ready for a new phase of rolling, moving and sitting. Handy to have the right baby products at home. We are therefore happy to help you with suitable replacements. Did you know that you can filter by age on our website? Click on the button and see which products we offer for ages 6-12 months.

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