Baby 4 months: Please, a moment to yourself

Baby 4 maanden: Alsjeblieft, een momentje voor jezelf

Month 4: Please, a moment for yourself

You have just become a mother (again) of a brand new baby. What a luck! But you may also be confronted with completely different aspects of parenting: the pursuit of perfection, insecurity, fatigue, exhaustion or stress.

Self-compassion can help with this. Hereby you acknowledge the pain in yourself and at the same time you have compassion for yourself, instead of criticizing yourself. Experience it for yourself by listening to the self-compassion meditation byCharly for Tiny Library.


We would like to introduce Charlotte le Conge Kleyn to you. With her company byCharly she helps to create more balance and awareness within families. Charly herself became the mother of 4 sons within 3.5 years and she experienced that keeping all the balls in the air as a parent is not always easy. For that reason she specialized in mindful parenting coaching (a combination of psycho-education, systemic work and exercises). Since then she shares her knowledge and experiences through her platform .

Charly made a beautiful, short self-compassion meditation especially for Tiny Library. Before listening to the meditation, you may think of a situation that was difficult for you and that involved emotions such as anger, sadness, fear, shame, or guilt.

Choose a situation you want to practice with and listen to the audio file:



Try taking a self-compassion meditation break at least once this week, during or after a stressful moment. In that case you can use the audio file or the following 3 steps:

  1. Acknowledgment: Pay attention to the pain, stress, or emotion and acknowledge the difficult feelings you are experiencing.

  2. Kindness: Be kind to yourself. Reassure yourself. By telling yourself "This is very hard" (or other similar words) and/or trying to comfort yourself physically. What are things you would do for a friend in such a case, and can you also give that to yourself?

  3. Connection: Remind yourself that you are not alone in a similar situation and that it is human to make mistakes. Connect yourself with other parents, 'all parents make mistakes'.

Enthusiastic about the meditation? With the code ' CHARLYXTINY25 '* you get a 25% discount on the courses Mindful Parenting, Mindful with your Toddler and the Online Pregnancy Yoga Course from byCharly.

* This discount is not valid on the children's meditations of byCharly.


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