Baby 2 months: Your baby is developing, learning together?

Baby 2 maanden: Jouw baby volop in ontwikkeling, samen leren?

Month 2: Your baby is developing, learning together?

Your baby is now around 8 weeks old, which means he or she is developing. Every day your baby grows he or she can do something new. To understand and stimulate your baby's motor development, Nienke from baby.skills has developed a calendar in which she takes parents along in the development. Because of her experience as a children's physiotherapist and work in a rehabilitation center, she can provide great insights that may be new to you.

In this email, Nienke gives two development tips and an exercise that you can do with your baby. Got excited? Then we have a nice surprise for you at the bottom of the email.

Did you know that from now on your baby can look all the way from left to right and back in the supine position? Try it out during diaper changing by moving a toy from left to right.

Preferably clean straight ahead. The first month, all babies have a preference to the right, which should disappear after a month. If you change them to the left, you always entice them to look to the right, because they want to look at you. You can also practice that fun tracking game when they are right in front of you and you always lure them to look straight ahead. This way you prevent a preferential position.


Between two and three months, babies raise their head in the lateral position. From that moment on you can practice this while changing by turning them from the supine position to the tummy. Before they come into the prone position, they raise their head in the side position, otherwise that nose will go over the bottom layer. Always practice this in both directions to avoid a preferred position. Click here for a how to video of Babyskills.


To keep track of this development and to learn what your baby can do day by day, Baby.skills has developed a calendar. Designed by a pediatric physiotherapist, the calendar helps you develop and understand your baby's entire motor skills.

Baby.skills takes you along in the daily development of your child. From day one to the special moment of independent walking. You will receive information, tips and tricks to learn everything about your baby's sensorimotor skills and to stimulate development in a playful way. This way you prevent, among other things, a preferred posture or a flat back of the head and you signal a reflux earlier.

Curious about this calendar? Then we have something nice for you. With the following code ' tinylibrary' you get a 10% discount on your order of the calendar on the baby.skills website.

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