5 tips to keep your baby things beautiful

5 tips om je babyspullen mooi te houden

What if my rented product becomes dirty or damaged? It's a question we get regularly. And rightly so, babies just make a mess. Trust us, we know. 😉 This blog shares five tips to keep your baby things in good condition.

  1. Clean the products regularly

One of the most important things you can do to keep your baby items looking nice is to clean them regularly. By doing this, you prevent stains or dirt from remaining on the fabric or material. Use a mild cleaning agent and a damp cloth and make sure you let the items dry thoroughly before using them again.

  1. Use protective covers

Another way to keep baby items clean and beautiful is to use specially made protective covers. These covers protect items against dirt and stains and are easily removable. This way you have to clean the items less often and they stay beautiful longer. See, for example, the ukje tripp trapp newborn cover , the ukje babybjorn rocking chair cover or the ukje tripp trapp pillow . But you can also find handy protective covers for car seats from our partner BabyPlanet.


  1. Invest in quality

It pays to invest in quality baby supplies. These items are made from durable materials and last longer than cheaper alternatives. That is why we at Tiny Library only work with high-quality suppliers. This way you can be sure that the items are safe and durable and that you can enjoy them for longer.

  1. Store baby items properly

A pram or buggy can quickly get in the way if you park it in the house for a while between uses. Store them correctly to prevent items from becoming damaged or discolored. Make sure the items are stored in a dry and clean place and are not exposed to direct sunlight. Tip: fold your pram or buggy as much as possible and use a protective cover or bag if necessary.

  1. Repair damage immediately

If you notice any damage to any of the baby items, it is important to repair it immediately. This prevents the damage from increasing and the products no longer being usable. Have the products repaired by a professional or follow the manufacturer's instructions to repair it yourself. Do you use the Tiny Care Damage Insurance ? Then your products are insured against damage. Contact us and we will exchange the product for you.

Psst... A little about our partner BabyPlanet

To supply high-quality products, we work together with our partner BabyPlanet, with five stores located in the Northern Netherlands. If you don't live nearby, you can visit BabyPlanet's complete webshop where you can find everything you need for your baby. View the BabyPlanet products that you can rent through us here . Are you looking for accessories or care products that we do not rent? Then take a look at the BabyPlanet website .

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